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June 29, 2010

Slap me With a Wet Noodle

I'd love to say that I've been super on track and everything is A-OK but sadly, stress stresses me out.  I honestly haven't weighed in weeks. I've been so focused on getting this promotion and new responsibility that I've let being responsible for me fly right out the window. Between Humar Resource Hoops and women you work with for years that just plain can't get past the thought of being happy for anyone but themselves (a facade, of course), so they work extra hard to make sure to do things to try and make you miserable. And mother's coming to town ... and .... and... and...

Life happens with or without you. UGGH. Who made that rule? I really need to pay attention to me a little bit more in this life... staying focused and being responsible for me is a lot easier when I stay attached to this here journal.

Great things are happening here...I started my new job last Monday... spent the weekend with my family and created some wonderful memories.

I will report a weigh in this week.  If you're still here, do me a favor and please let me know.

Take care of you. (Yes, gurl, YOU.)


  1. Still here! Take care of yourself.

  2. Still here! Life happens sometimes. You just gotta start again (which is sooo sooo much easier to say than to do!) Good luck!

  3. hey there! i've been distracted by work lately, too, and am only just getting back on track with my weight loss and blogging. as much as it sucks to fall behind, we can't be too hard on ourselves. it's all about making a return!

  4. Still reading on - we are amazing in our ability to put ourselves at the end of the list are we not?

    Strange thing is - that no matter how much we know that to stay at our best for others we need to take care of ourselves - that sensible bit of thinking goes out of the window before we can say 'jack sh*t'...sigh.

    Re-commit -- re-energise - re everything you know you need to, will be watching youuuuuuuu!!