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June 3, 2011

TGIF - that's as creative as I can be!

Hey Gang, happy happy Friday. For a four day week it sure felt like seven!  Wow... Can't wait for the weekend. My scale is cooperating right in line with the way I'm treating myself.  Treating myself as in something little here something little there... I have gotten exactly what I deserve. I can't figure out if I want to use the excuse that I'm so close to surgery it's my last hurrah,  or it took almost a month for the surgeon's office to call me back feel sorry for myself eat in May month, or I'm just in a funk and not putting me first. Either way, poor attention to myself leads to poor results. No way around it. If I were to venture the scale would read 385... it was 383 two days ago.  Then Ben and Jerry stopped by and brought Everything but the ...
Anyways, lets not talk about what  happened let's talk about how we're going to fix it. This is a good place for stop start continue. What am I going to stop doing? What am I going to start doing? and What am I going to continue doing? Do you know what you need to do to start, stop and continue?

Be kind to your neighbors...
Over to the right you'll see a list of blogs I try to read as soon as they're updated.  At one point or another, or on a daily, weekly or monthly occasion, these people impacted me in one way or another.  I couldn't /wouldn't tell you my favorite if you asked me because each one I hold in a special place in my heart.  Their words have provided a door into their lives that they chose to share with me and you.  I have to admit I even got my nose a little bent out of shape when one writer wrote about a humiliating experience which catapulted into several great experiences but then their blog had to endure hateful comments from passer-bys and even then some from people I consider in our weight loss community.  This saddened me. The one initially affected handled it with much more grace than I ever could have but let me tell you did I want to put my nose right in the middle of it and tell some people off!  I decided if I did that, I'd be defeating my purpose which was to remind people to just be kind to each other and treat others how we want to be treated. 

In your dreams....
I dream about bloggers. Like I know them.  (Maybe someday...) We dine together, we exercise together it's crazy.  The first time I dreamt I was out to dinner with Sean having deep fried green beans. The second one, a group of us were at Tony's restaurant and we were doing exercises throughout the restaurant kind of like a Richard Simmons episode with Tony as our leader while other people were dining! And the third one, Jen and I took our dogs to the dog park. I have never had the pleasure of meeting these people, yet their words have impacted me enough to lie in my subconscious.  All three equally deserving of title Inspiring. Thank you. 
Take care my friends... My follow up appointment with surgeon is on Friday June 10.  Hopefully I will know more then.

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