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March 14, 2011

I Eated but was Not Defeated

I am really good at staying focused during the week and staying within my calorie limit but when the weekend comes, not so much.... During the week, I plan my meals with structure making sure they include fruits and vegetables and that they are within my calorie budget.  Then,when Saturday morning comes around... here we go let the roller coaster begin.  Hubby is famous for talking about lunch right after breakfast and dinner right after lunch and sometimes it feels like food is the topic non-stop.  I just don't care that much about it.  I just eat.  When I was single, I planned nothing.  ...anyhow... Hubby woke up and declared he was not going to track anything he ate all day... He was a Rebel with a plan,;I guess you could say.... I, on the other hand, knew I was counting; and counted all day.. but when Sunday rolled around... I blew it. The whole day down the drain with no care in the world for staying within my limit.   Not pleased with myself and not going to re-hash it over and over but I need to make a better plan for weekends. Hubby usually does all of the cooking or it's a constant eating out frenzy from drive throughs to Subway I'm going to start doing the cooking on the weekends. For the next few weekends every meal that comes out of 411 Gurls' kitchen will be "never seen before" - maybe with some experimenting and new meals... we will have some better results...
Take care...


  1. I never liked Hash anyway - always seems a bit of a mess calling itself something posh! And why do they call that # button a 'hash' key - is it cos it makes a mess of a nice neat row of letters...and cuts me off my phone if I press it - the Hash key hashes up everything. Hashing let alone re-hashing tends to be trouble with a capital T :)


  2. It sounds like the 5 day on and 2 day off plan could work for you. Five days of eating REALLY clean and then freedom on the weekends. Not binge freedom - but paying attention to hunger, fullness and satisfaction eating the foods you think you want. Just a thought.