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April 28, 2010

Coke and I Have Officially Broken Up

I had two very exciting things happen to me yesterday that I wanted to share. But before I do... you're not getting weigh in results until I do!.  I'm not happy with the accuracy of that scale I have at all and now the batteries have went dead so I'm wondering if it was a battery issue all along.. Who knows.  My promise to have a good, clean weekend, didn't happen. I had good days but not the type of weekend, I want to come back here and yell, see! I can do this on the weekend too. I am learning from them and I'm conscious about them so I know where changes need to be made. I will be fixing this issue. It might be by taking the weekend one hour at a time. But this will be conquered. Notice, I didn't blame the hubby once!.  Improvements, some are small but I'll take 'em.

I am really into no fat yogurt, frozen blueberries topped with low fat granola for breakfast. Would you believe I had never had a yogurt parfait from McDonald's in my life until 3 or 4 weeks ago? And I here I thought I had covered all my bases. I loved it. Now I'm all into checking out my own fruit combinations and making my own granolas... weird.

So Where or Where do I start? You know how you have a craving for something and you just have to have it? The thought consumes you. Well, yesterday I was drying of thirst. I had run out of my ice water, had 30 minutes before I had to leave work to go teach and I just wanted to quench my thirst. I looked in the fridge under my desk I share with my team and there is a bottle of Coke unopened. Frigging smiling at me. I swear. It was. Coke and I go way back... It was the soda that my uncle always had and we, meaning kids, could not. So every chance we got to drink Coke, you bet we did. Anyhow... It wasn't my Coke. It was my neighbors and I yelled over to her and said can I buy this coke from you? And she replies with, Sure, you can just have it. So I reach into my purse to give her a buck twenty five and she says, "I thought you don't drink that crap anymore". Boom. Without hesitation, without a thought of regret, wihout any remorse, I responded back with, "You're right, I don't." and I put my purse away. And I was fine. Thirsty, but fine. When I left work to go teach, I stopped and bought a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi that was so ice cold from the cooler, you could see the frost. And it was divine.  The cooler thing, when I changed my mind about having that Coke, it was too natural. Too natural in a good way. It's hard to explain but it was done without feeling sorry for myself or regretting not having that Coke. It was a proud moment of you're right, I don't drink that crap anymore.


I went to class and I have a student that has been researching workouts for me to do (he is a trainer at a fitness club) and suggested I start with Isometrics.  Another student just happened to overhear us, said that she works with bariatric patients in a rehabiliation center and would bring me FREE resistance bands.
On my drive home tonight I thought how lucky I was to have these people placed in my life at the exact time I needed them, when my eyes were open to changing my habits and changing my lifestyle. 

Are you paying attention to what or who is around you? You might be surprised who or what is waiting for you to notice. Take care of you.


  1. I just found your blog. Good for you for breaking up with Coke!!
    I hope you get a new scale soon. That has to make you crazy not knowing what is going on. Good luck!

  2. Great job on breaking up with Coke. It's not easy, but it's for the best. So many empty calories.
    I just can't let myself drink 'em, ya know?
    Something about me: I don't nor have I ever owned a scale. If I did---I'd probably drive myself nuts weighing all the time. I make a trip to the doctors office to weigh. It's a special occasion, weigh day, instead of an obsession.
    You're doing wonderfully! I'm so proud of you. I grab thos little yogurt parfaits all the time. They're awesome!!! So tasty---so please...nobody tell me they're bad...cause I'll still be eating them occasionally!!!

    My best