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April 19, 2010

Detour Ends

I encountered a bit of a detour on Friday betwwn 5p.m.and 5:30 p.m. Hubby picked me up from work but not before I'd sealed my fate that we would be getting take-out and having our traditional Friday Night Date night at home. I had looked at the nutritional values, sealed my decision and met him about 5:08 in the parking lot. We went and picked up dinner, picked up beverages. and got into our comfy clothes and dove into dinner. WTF. I didn't order one thing I intended to eat for dinner. I had completely went on detour and in the back of my mind was blaming my hubby for my decisions. I saw it like a premonition, I acted on it, and I am at fault. I continued to do the same thing all weekend. I had excuse after excuse for eating junk. It was ridiculous really but a few good lessons learned.
Lesson #1:
After weeks of feeling good, I felt like crap all weekend.- I was sluggish, my tummy hurt all day yesterday and I only wanted to sleep. Little things irritated me and I had absolutely no patience for anything all weekend.
Lesson #2:
Not one damned thing tasted better than the fresh fruits and veggies I've been eating. I spent the entire weekend chasing bad choice after bad choice only to never feel satisfied.
Lesson #3:
No matter how much prodding anyone including hubby does, I ultimately responsible for the food I put into my mouth. (I blamed him again. Did you just see that? Uggh.) He never prodded me once to make bad decisions and choices. I made them all on my own. In fact, he stuck to his calorie budget more times than I did this weekend.
Lesson #4: This isn't a one way street without bumps or turns or road blocks. However, I am in control of how I maneuver me.

I have Thursday through Sunday off to spend with my family this weekend. I promise myself I will stay within my calorie range. I can do this no matter what gets thrown at me. Take care of you.


  1. I just found you from Sean's blog. You are doing so well! You also seem to be learning a lot. Thanks for sharing your lessons.

    I'm just wondering how many calories you allow yourself?

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi Brenda, I was doing 1800-2300 but now have reduced that this week to 1750-2250 based on the weight loss. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you stop by often.

  3. "This isn't a one way street without bumps or turns or road blocks. However, I am in control of how I maneuver me." ---> What an awesome way to put it across. I am sure once you experience 'bad' eating and how miserable if makes you feel, you will respect healthy eating all the more. We just seem happier people when we are on the right track. With you gurl.:-) Hope you have a good break with family and stay within the calories. :-)