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April 14, 2010

The Stomach: Not a Garbage Can

Instant message to hubby
Me: OMG this cantaloupe is fantastic.
Hubby: Oh good.
Me: It's like candy melting in my mouth it's perfect ripe.
Hubby: hmmmm it's the cotton candy container.
Me: LOL, no it's definitely the cantaloupe.

I have to admit I had one of those moments where I stopped and thought about how many of those containers came into our house full.  Really, not that many, but seriously, who would really believe that manufactured cotton candy would ever taste as good as cotton candy from a concession stand.  Even from a concession stand, it wouldn't hold a candle to my fresh, refrigerated cantalope.  I was reading the Spark forum today and someone had a quote that said "Don't treat your stomach like a garbage can". It's so true. I am getting so much satisfaction from the healthier meals that even when the co-worker walks in with her Quarter Pounder Value Meal, it makes me gag a little from the smell.

Obviously, today's a good day. I'm focused. I'm eating good foods that are rich in flavor and satisfying. I have a new weight to report but that will be later tonight. I can't believe how keeping it simple, taking one day at a time, making better choices and focusing on small changes can be so rewarding and easy.  Yes, I said easy. (Note to readers: beat this in my head the next time I whine).

I've been making a list of easy to pack cold lunches. I'd love to hear what's in your lunch or breakfast that you bring to school or work, etc. Share with me your favorites in the comments of this post. Take care of you!


  1. My fav breaky is oats with skimmed milk and some nuts. Easy to make and keeps me full for long. When I am in hurry and no time to cook, I blindly go to Subway for a balanced lunch! :-)

  2. I carry bananas and an apple almost everywhere. I like hummus and veggies to dip. I like low fat string cheese or a boiled egg or turkey jerky. Plums, grapes, orange slices in a ziplock (I hate peeling) honey or vanilla greek yogurt. Walnuts, 10 calorie vitamin waters

    breakfast is almost always steel cut oats or eggs scrambled with veggies like spinach, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions

    or when in a hurry peanut butter on whole wheat toast