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April 5, 2010

Checking in...

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me. I've been reading but I sure haven't been posting. I've been making small changes in my diet. I've cut out all sugar sodas and have limited my diet soda to about 1 a day no more than 2. I've cut out all white flours except for one lunch last week. and I worked on cutting all sugar out. Today I'm sugar free.  Hubby jumped on board with me this weekend and we're having a lot of fun.  I think we are anyways!  Both of us have never been fish eaters except for what we would catch out of the lake and could buy at Long John Silvers. Oh and that one time I had Scrod in Parchment Paper and it looked liked something I'd have pulled from my neighbors garbage.   Not that  I'm a dumpster diver... Oh and that time I had salmon... I don't like fish particularly.  Anyhow, we've agreed to incorporate more fish in our diet so we're having Tilapia this week. We'll start out with it once a week and gradually move that in place of all the other junk we've been eating.
While I feel like I am a master at knowing the calorie content or something or can calculate the points of a food item,using the WW formula, in my head,  I was finding myself frustrated with my hubby for not reading labels correctly.  (my husband never struggled with his weight like I did)  I would ask him if something had sugar in it and he'd shout back "Yes, 10 Grams" and I'd shout back "NO, read the ingredients."  Then I would explain to him the can of fruit he was looking at had "natural" sugars in it from the fruit. - Shout out to Dr. Atkins.  He got frustrated when he bought low fat mayo instead of no fat mayo. And I said to him, "Honey, its about the choices we make. This jar is low-fat and by far better than the last 45 jars of regular mayo we've brought into the house over the years. It's a change. We'll make small changes and we'll get lasting results."  And it was in that moment that I realized I had flipped my switch. The old me would have sent him back to the store to get the fat free. The old me was ALL or NOTHING.  Nothing got me to over 400 pounds. I always believed that perfection meant being succesful at winning this battle. You don't need perfection, because you'll always fail. Small changes + Better Choices = Results. 

On another note, I'm missing out on my husbands Memorial day weekend get away that we've avoided for the last 2 years because of other obligations my weight.  I can't physically do the weekend - walking to the bathrooms, sitting in lawn chairs, the heat... and the list goes on. Hubby is going this year and it pisses me off I'm not going. I'm pissed off enough to know I'm going to be there next year, walking to the bathrooms, sitting in lawn chairs, playing frisbee, disc golf, and maybe even swimming when it's hot. Anyone  want to make a bet?

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  1. I very well may have been over 400 lbs from time to time during my 20 years of obesity. When I started this journey though I was 387 and I wanted to make it through a couple of days walking at Disneyland with my grandson. I know if you work on it everyday you will find yourself going for that weekend next year and will be the belle of the ball for loosing so much and becoming so much healthier. One choice at a time, one day at a time. I did most of my exercise in the beginning in a swimsuit in aqua exercise classes and some swimming classes because I have bad knees and it literally hurt to walk more than half a block. It was scary, I didn't want to go in front of people in a swimsuit... but it has all been worth it and people ( who became friends) encouraged me to keep coming and work out! Your journey will be worth it all too!