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May 12, 2010

Better Said in Pictures

I found a really cool project on Spark People to make your vision a collage of what you aspire ot be or see yourself in 1, 5, and 10 years - the things you can do easier by being healther and thought it would be a really cool visual for keeping me focused. I made mine and gave it it's own page under "My Vision" - I know pretty creative huh? Anyhow, I really liked doing it and I think you might too. The article is under the Feed Your Head page called Vision Collage or here.  I'd love for you to share yours with me too. So, please feel free to email it to me or drop me a comment with a link to your blog. Take care of You.

Ok, I'll save you the click :) (how many calories are burned in a click?)

Click the picture to enlarge... (more calories burned! Woo Hoo)


  1. Great visions :D

    I sometimes search "affirmations" on Google and skim around until I find one that matches my day. Or the day you asked, I had copied an affirmation out of a book my neighbor gave me ("Seeds of Consciousness" by Louise-Diana). Some days I write my own. Glad you enjoy!

    Keep working towards those visions!

  2. Cool collage! Those are all good aspirations, especially the sexeh bod :h:

    You can make it all happen, girlie.

  3. This is cool. Nice images to work toward.

  4. ooh, nice red shoes. i love that your shoe size never changes, which is probably why i have a wardrobe full of them . . . great idea. x

  5. I have seen that on SparkPeople before, but I never made one. Yours is awesome and has some very attainable scale and non-scale goals. I might try to make one. It would be a great tool to put on my refrigerator!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll - that's so sweet :)

  6. I like folks that can string two words together and make a sentence - :) You read very well. :) I made the vision board at Sparks too - that visual reminder is good on the days when you cant be bothered to bother.

  7. Very nice...this just might be what I need to do. Thanks. :)