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May 6, 2010

Today the Letter F is for Follow

I like giveaways and I like reading this blogIf you follow, I could win.  I already follow so if you follow you could win. Anyways, She has about 245 more followers than I do. I think she's 10X more funny than I am.  She draws better than me. So she wants to get 300 followers and she promises she'll keep working towards weighing 300 pounds. She's been in trouble with the low carb community for her filthy mouth, and her readers are just as bad but I like comedians, and sometimes, they just can't tell a joke without dropping an F bomb. Besides that, maybe if I can get Tricia some followers maybe she'll write about me and I can share some of her followers so it's not so quiet around here.... so stick around here awhile and then get over there and eff her.

1 comment:

  1. Look how cute your blog is! Why the heck aren't you on my Google Reader? I shall remedy this immediately. I'm planning on doing a "new to the community" post sometime soon where I link to new blogs I read, so I'll keep ya posted, homie :) Thanks again!