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May 16, 2010

There was a Guy they called Hippo..

Wow, I was so excited about Saturday... I was going to win 1st place and even better come back here and say I had. It didn't happen.
A few years back when I'd never really played Texas hold 'em, my now husband invited me to a "home" tournament. We went and at one point he went "all in". I laughed to myself and thought I"ll show you, I'll go in over you.. and everyone else folded.  I went out and he won but everyone thought I had made that move to insure the pot went to him.  The truth is, I wasn't that smart, Then.  I was stereo-typed as a cheater and so was he.  My hubby runs the tourney I wanted to play in last night.  Due to the "NO SMOKING:" law effective May1, the turn-out was minimal. people were moved and i was directed to move to an open seat... The man at that same "home tourney:", also called "Hippo",  accused my husband of moving me there to take out 2 of the same people that had named me the cheater. I lost my temper, quit the tourney and demanded a refund. This was the 2nd time they'd embarrassed me in public, in front of strangers. I knew being on tilt wouldn't put me in the money, i'd only piss my chips away. I was more disappointed I had to report I lost to my readers. So that's what happened. I recognize now that I over-reacted. The ideal would have been to sit down and whip their asses. Hind sight is 20-20.  There will be a next time. Turns out I still won, the buffet didn't rule me and I was in control with my food choices.. I ended up $30 dollars ahead in tips dealing a cash table. The old me would have wallered in chips n cheese and chocolate cake... the old me would have had a melt down and gave up all of her goals. Yes, I lost my temper. No, I didn't lose my goal. There will be a next time. Watch this butterfly crush the hippo.


  1. Sorry they ruined your chance to kick their asses. But you're right, there's always next time :) Good job on staying in control!

  2. Too bad, but good for you for staying in control of your other choices. It's encouraging.